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P i a n o  T e a c h e r


The aim is to develop interpretation, communication, imagination and technique. 
"Musical education, both for singers and pianists, has always been one of my strongest passions. 
The way it supplements the student's and my own general development is fascinating."


Anne Dickson
Sing, dance, paint for the sheer pleasure of it -
instead of getting lost in achieving marks for artistic performance!."
Igor Stravinsky
"The sin against the spirit of
the work always begins
with a sin against its letter."
John Wooden
(basketball coach):
"Trusting ourselves and each other is a part of our higher nature,
doubting is a lower instinct.”
Performing demands a lot of trust.
Trust in ourselves, our abilities and the people around us. 

piano lessons
Hein at work.jpg
Heinrich Neuhaus
(pianist and pedagogue): 
"You can only boil water at 100 degrees." 
It is vital to solve problems and correct mistakes as soon as possible.
With creating the correct habits that can be produced instinctively under great pressure, a performer can enhance the performance.
Immediate and frequent
repetition of corrections overcomes the power of possible incorrect habit.

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