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"V o c a l  J o u r n e y"

is a series of classical song recitals for young, very talented singers from all over the world, devised by Hein Boterberg.
It started with three seasons of recitals in Ghent,  Belgium.
Every concert has a theme.
It is a real art in itself to make a good programme for a song recital. The repertoire is huge and the colours of the human voice are infinite. The variation between characters, texts, tempos, tonalities, solos, duets (or bigger ensembles), styles, languages, moods, etc is very important. With both known and unknown (but not necessarily unloved!) songs, the series tries to be innovating and inspiring.
Here are some small excerpts (performed live) from the programmes "Gipsy Life", "Robert Schumann" and "Crowned in dreams". 
Performed recitals: 
You can click on the titles to see the complete programmes (©): 
"Singers, their muse and their mischievous deeds"
A song recital about singers and singing

Ana Quintans, soprano (Portugal)

Christian Immler, baritone (Germany)

Hein Boterberg, piano (Belgium)

"The sea: fear and fascination"

Inês Madeira, mezzo (Portugal)

Andrew Ashwin, baritone (United Kingdom)

vocal ensemble of the Opera Studio of Flanders

Hein Boterberg, piano

"From old stories"
Sandra Martinovic, mezzo (Croatië)

Jonathan Lemalu, bass bariton (New Zealand)

Hein Boterberg, piano

"Echos triumph"
Henry Purcell versus Benjamin Britten

Ann De Prest, soprano (Belgium)

Chia-Fen Wu, soprano (Taiwan)

Hein Boterberg, piano

Dimos de Beun, Harpsichord (Belgium)

"Gipsy life"

Sabine Conzen, soprano (België)

Susanne Hawkins, mezzo (Canada)

Christophe Gérault, tenor (Frankrijk)

Yu-Hsiang Hsieh , baritone (Taïwan)

Hein Boterberg, piano


"Crowned in dreams"

Malin Christensson, soprano (Sweden)

Hein Boterberg, piano

"Waters in Russia and Europe"
Betsabée Haas, soprano (Belgium)

Lyudmila Shkirtil, mezzo (Russia)

Judith Ermert, cello (Germany)

Yuri Serov, piano (Russia)

Hein Boterberg, piano

“Suleika and Hatem”

Katherine Manley, soprano (United Kingdom)

Nathan Vale, tenor (United Kingdom)

Hein Boterberg, piano

“Verses on wings”

Sónia Grané, soprano

Hein Boterberg, piano

"The manners of love"

Laura Mitchel, soprano (United Kingdom)

Hein Boterberg, piano

"Romances and film music from Russia"

Lyudmila Skirtil, mezzo (Russia)

Juri Serov, piano (Russia)

"Robert Schumann"

Christian Immler, baritone (Germany)

Hein Boterberg, piano



Chia-Fen Wu, soprano (Taiwan)

Yu-Hsiang Hsieh, baritone (Taiwan)

Hein Boterberg, piano


"The journey of the senses"
"Le voyage des sens"

Julie Mossay, soprano (Belgium)                         

Hein Boterberg, piano (Belgium)

vocal ensemble:

   soprani: Rachel Harland (United Kingdom), Vanessa Lanch (Canada), Trien Cornelis (Belgium), Chia-Fen Wu (Taiwan)

   tenori: Patrick Kabongo (Congo), Gijs Van der Linden (Belgium), Roel Willems (Belgium)

   bariton: Lorenzo Kubla (Belgium)

   piano: Genevieve Ellis (United Kingdom)

"Landscapes of the soul"
French Melodies
"Paysages de l’âme" 
Mélodies françaises 

Julie Mossay, sopraan

Hein Boterberg, piano

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Robert Schumann - Mondnacht - Christian Immler, baritone; Hein Boterberg, piano
00:00 / 00:00
Carl Loewe - Gesang der Geister über den Wassern - Ensemble Opera Studio of Flanders; Hein Boterberg, piano
00:00 / 00:00
Ture Rangström - Flickan under Nymånen - Malin Christensson, soprano; Hein Boterberg, piano
00:00 / 00:00
Johannes Brahms - Röslein dreie in der Reihe - Ensemble Opera Studio of Flanders; Hein Boterberg, piano
00:00 / 00:00
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